Toy Library, Petting Zoo & Party Venue

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Hastings Toy Library & Petting Zoo


Facilities at Kidzplay / Funky farm

You asked for it and now you can get a hit of coffee while your kids are looking for that special toy for the next 2 weeks. Take a break on the sofa while you catch up with other parents and sip on your hot chocolate or one of our delicious Fresh Cappuccinos.


*  Animal free eating areas with tables and room to place your picnic blanket.

*  Secure enclosure for children to run and play.

*  Playground area with in-ground tramp for safe bouncing

*  Inside eating area

*  Inside lounge area for Mum and feeding babies

*  Inside play area

*  Fresh Barista Made coffee, Hot choc, Teas, Fluffy's etc Prices range $1 - $4.50

*  Toilets and Baby Changing table

*  Water Machine